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Pistoletto’s Mile Stone (1967)
Pistoletto emptied his studio and, in a manifesto, announced he would open his space to other artists to showcase their work.  He featured a single work to mark this watershed moment -   Mile Stone, a stone waymarker with “1967” etched in the top. 
“Opening up my studio was a “technical” thing. I had almost always had a relationship with young artists in Turin. As I had ‘opened’ paintings to the presence and participation of all, why not ‘open’ a physical space instead?” - (Michelangelo Pistoletto, interview with M. Bandini, in NAC, Bari, November 1973).
“Many people who had read the manifesto came to the studio and this space really became something wonderful. Everyday relations with people who had things to show, to do. They started screening their films, reciting poems, and the public came to listen, so there were these continuous encounters” - (Michelangelo Pistoletto, interview with Germano Celant, cit., 68).